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Pantanal photos of natural wonder

Wildlife and landscapes photos of Pantanal, Brazil

Pantanal is located in Mato grosso state, center west of Brazil. It shelters an incredible wildlife and rich vegetation, ecotourism is growing, there are numerous pousadas proposing horse riding, boat cruises, walks in savana to discover Pantanal treasures.

Declared natural reserve and natural world heritage by Unesco, the 230000 km² of Pantanal are ruled by water cycle. During the rainy season, from november to may, Pantanal becomes the larger humid land on earth because of the floods. The animals must then take refuges in higher grounds. It becomes hardly possible to move without a boat.
During dry season, the water pulls back, only leaving here and there a few ponds where numerous fishes get trapped. This food supply ensure the reproduction cycle of all and especially the migratory birds.

Durability and richness of Pantanal biodiversity is guaranteed by this water cycle which repeats every year.