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Colonial cities of Brazil

Photos of Ouro preto and Tiradentes

For a long time isolated because of the surrounding mountains, Minas Gerais shelter several historical colonial cities founded during gold rush at the end of 17th century. We chose to visit two of these cities: Ouro preto and Tiradentes.

Ouro preto is located in the serra do Espinha├žo. Very steep and sinuous, the streets are more convenient for walking than for cars, which is very pleasant. We enjoyed hanging around, watching the colonial architecture of the constructions as well as some of the 23 churches of the city. Yet, Ouro preto is a bit too touristic, with the usual improvised guides, car watchers... That's why we decided to continue our journey bound for another colonial city of Minas gerais: Tiradentes.

It took almost two hours to reach Tiradentes as the road was sinuous and somehow boring. But it was worth it.
Tiradentes is a small town, a village somehow of only a few streets, nevertheless very charming. Much calmer than Ouro preto, you can walk on stone-paved streets taking time to watch colonial architecture, bright colours and surrounding mountains.