Early hours of the web site , through which I publish my photos and more generally my travelogues was born in 1997, after my first trip abroad, in Malaysia.
My first intention was to create a means to share my photos with my relatives: they lived in Marseille, I was in Paris. It was in 1998, Facebook, Picasa or other social medias didn't exist at the time, hence the idea of a travel blog.
Problem was, I had no clue of how to create a web site from scratch. So I bought a book and started digging into. Much more rudimentary than its actual version, the web site was created and I was quite proud about it

To my big surprise I started to receive emails from people I never met, asking questions about my trip. That's when i understood that my pages had been crawled by Google bots. then appeared in good places in the search results, hence the emails of people browsing its pages.


Year after year, more destinations were added while became more and more famous. That's when I decided to buy the domain name. In the meantime, I improved my knowledges in html, css and php which enabled me to improve the aspect of the web site, making it more modern.

Before displaying a new travel I make a drastic selection of the many photos I've taken. It takes time but it's important because there's no point in showing all the photos. Then I write the travelogue using all the notes I took during the trip.

Invitation to travel

The main objective of is to share my experience, my emotions while visiting this place or that area.