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Map of Brazil

Map of Brazil

From Pantanal to Iguazu falls, from Rio de janeiro to Ouro preto, Tiradentes and finally Paraty, this trip to Brazil took place in may.

We used many means of transport from airplane to car and boat as detailed below. 15 days is quite short to visit such a wide country as Brazil. We prioritized the places to see and will definitely come back for another trip.

Detailed program of our stay in Brazil

Paris - Sao paulo - Cuiaba

The Air France flight was right on time and after some 9300 km we arrived at Sao paulo international airport. We claimed our luggage, went through customs formalities in a record time: the aircraft landed at 5.25pm, we got out of the airport at 6.05pm.
Then we took a cab to Congonhas airport, 40 km from there. Heavy traffic, it took us 1h30. Our flight to Cuiaba was also on time. There our guide was waiting for us as planned, he transfered us to our hotel for a resting night!


We left the hotel at 9 bound for Pantanal. After 1 hour we reached Pocone where starts the transpantaneira, road that pass through. This season marks the beginning of birds migrations meaning that we should see a lot of storks and other birds. May is the end of the rainy season, it marks the transition. After Pocone starts the natural réserve... and you can tell by the number of wild animals we suddenly see: ibis, egrets, storks, parakeets and also a few caimans.

We reach pousada Canto do Arancua where we'll spend two nights. After lunch we went on a horse ride in half-flooded plains. Unluckily clouds gathered and it started to rain.


Now we can feel it, the bad weather is well set and nothing is showing an improvement! Despite the heavy rain we decide to go hiking. Two hours later we are back, totally soacked and prefer to stay at the pousada for the rest of the day...

From the terrace we observed caimans and numerous birds like storks and ibis. After lunch we left for a night safari by car equiped with a powerful lamp. In addition to caimans we observed capybaras, deers and most of all an ocelot. We would have liked to see a jaguar but eh, don't dream!


This morning the sky is still overcast but at least it doesn't rain. We leave the pousada with a tractor bound for the river, for a rowing boat ride. Once close to the river, we can hardly know where the river starts and where the flooded plain begins... After lunch, we drive to pousada Alegre a few kilometers away.

In the afternoon we hiked around the pousada to observe wildlife, notably tucanos et des hyazinth macaw, endemic species of Pantanal. At night we went on another night safari where we were lucky to see another ocelot.

Cuiaba - Foz d'Iguazu

The morning is dedicated to an excellent horse ride in the flooded plains. The horses walk in water 40cm to 1m high, sometimes we have to stick up our legs to avoid wetting them. And it was not seldom to observe caimans snaking in the water between horses.

After lunch we leave Pantanal natural reserve bound for Cuiaba where we catch our flight to Foz do Iguacu. After a stop at Campo grande and another one at Sao paulo, we finally reach our destination by 00.45am as planned. We were happy to see that someone was waiting for us as planned to drive us to our hotel.

Foz d'Iguazu

Foz d'Iguazu - Rio de janeiro

Rio de janeiro

Rio de janeiro

Rio de janeiro - Ouro preto - Tiradentes

Tiradentes - Cruzeros

Cruzeros - Paraty



Parati - Sao paulo - Paris