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Iguazu falls in photos

Natural wonder and border - Iguazu falls

Natural border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu falls are unequally divided between the two countries. As a matter of fact, Argentina has the major part of the falls.

Assets of the argetinian side:
  • we are very close to the falls (don't forget waterproof cloth).
  • we can walk to the falls through tropical forest. It is only to reach devil's throat that we need to take a small train which is by the way very pleasant.
  • the impressive point of view on the devil's throat.
  • the possibility to see the falls from the upper or lower circuit.
Assets of the brazilian side:
  • the panoramic view is gorgeous.
  • the interesting perspective of devil's throat fall: easier to snapshot because less spray water.

A helicopter ride offers a real different point of view, it is worth overflying Iguazu falls...
In addition to the falls, brazilian and argentinian sites shelter remarkable ecosystems with rich vegetation of around 2000 plant species and a striking wildlife like the toco tucanos.
Close to brazilian site is a bird park where we observed these beautiful blue-and-yellow macaw.