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Our trip to Brazil combines classic and off the beaten tracks sites. Rio de Janeiro, Paraty and colonial cities of Minas gerais (Ouro preto and Tiradentes) are places everybody visits.
Whereas Pantanal and Iguazu falls, two sites of the UNESCO world heritage, are places everyone's heard of but don't really know.

The size of the country and the distances between two sites are so big that a minimum of preparation is necessary so as not to lose precious time while travelling. Our page Brazil travel preparation might help you plan your trip.

Brazil has huge diversity and unless you stay there 6 months, it is impossible to visit the entire country. We decided to focus on a few spots and favoured the planes for travelling (more expensive but faster).

We propose you to discover our Brazil photos, from Pantanal to the impressive Iguazu falls, from Rio de Janeiro, to colonial cities of Minas Gerais to end up with Paraty, real treasure ideally located between jungle covered moutains and ocean.

Pantanal photos
flooded plains, rich and diversified wildlife, Pantanal is a unique place in Brazil to discover an extraordinary ecosystem.
[Pantanal photos Brazil]
Iguazu falls photos
Divided between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu falls are impressive, powerfully beautiful.
[Iguazu falls photos Brazil]
Minas Gerais colonial cities
Ouro preto and Tiradentes, two ancient gold cities of Minas Gerais which colonial style is extremely well preserved.
[Minas Gerais colonial cities photos]
Rio de Janeiro photos
From Copacabana and Ipanema beaches to sugar loaf, from historical city center to Corcovado, Rio de janeiro fascinates, impress and excites.
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Paraty photos
Located in Rio state, Paraty stands between jungle covered mountains and peaceful ocean beaches, a small paradise.
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