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Photo safaris to spot african wildlife

In South Africa, contrary to what people believe, wild animals are not 100% free to go wherever they want. For both people and animals safety, they are gathered in several national parks in which each visitor has generaly two opportunities:

  • To drive through the trails with his own car
  • To take part in a game drive in a range rover driven by a ranger who knows the place and the animals behavior.

And believe me, watching south african wildlife is simply extraordinary!

About our photo safaris in South Africa

To begin with, we experienced the first option in a small park. There, we discovered our very first giraffe and antelopes as well as a wild dog...
A few days later, we went to the famous Kruger park which is 20.000 km². We observed plenty of antelopes among which the Impalas nicknamed "Mac Donald of the bush" by the rangers. Despite the very high temperature (40°C), we managed to see a few elephants, zebras, Waterbuckss, warthogs...
South Africa wildlife is easily spotted though the park is immense.

A week later, While we were heading south towards the Indian ocean coast, we voluntary made a slight detour to criss-cross the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi trails. This park was much greener than Kruger thanks to the luxuriant vegetation. There, we encountered several species we hadn't seen yet such as Rhinos, Gnous et Hyenas.
However, because of the dense vegetation it was more difficult to spot wildlife in this south african park.

Along the Indian coast, we rented a boat so as to discover the wildlife living in South africa Santa Lucia's lake. Hippos, Crocodiles and several birds awaited us...

Finally, during our stay in Cape town, we first saw dassies up table montain. Then we discovered Ostriches, lezards and pheasants in Cape of Good Hope natural reserve, a place where, for some reasons, we were not excpecting to spot south africa wildlife.