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South Africa is big! With a 1,3 millions km² surface, the country is 5 times bigger than Great Britain.
But South Africa is a very beautiful country. From north to south, from west to east, we can find all kinds of landscapes from areas with luxuriant vegetation to semi-desertic ones, and from mountainous landscapes to superb beaches.
The national parks we visited offered us two different spectacles. Kruger park, in octobre, was very dry, except near the rivers, whereas the vegetation of Hluhluwe-Umfolozi park was luxuriant.

Yet I think it's in Cape town's region that we enjoyed the most beautiful landscapes.

  • The famous Campsbay beach... and its strong winds
  • The table mountain and the lion's head (according to what people believe, if clouds get stuck on top of this mountain, the day after will be rainy)

Place aux photos de paysages d'Afrique du sud : elles valent mieux que de longs discours...