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Questions about Mexico travel I regularly receive questions from Internet users about Mexico so I decided to create this collection grouping the most frequent requests, with the double interest of answering questions and sharing with as many people as possible.
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Does Mexico use the metric system?

The underlying question is: Mexico uses the concept of miles or kilometers. The answer is yes, it is the metric system (therefore km and not miles).

What is the capital of Mexico?

It is Mexico City, one of the highest capitals in the world, located at 2,250 meters.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

The answer to this question, which is not done in one line, is developed in my article on travel safety in Mexico.

What is there to do in Mexico?

Ditto, the question deserves a very complete article but in a few words, Mexico is a country of incredible wealth for tourists. Beauty and diversity of landscapes (Caribbean coast, Pacific coast, desert, mangrove etc.), extraordinary historical richness with a deeply rooted culture and superb monuments to visit, very present fauna, numerous nautical activities etc.
Mexico can satisfy the most demanding travelers.

Is there only spicy food?

While it is true that some dishes can be very spicy, it is easy to consume food as you would in Europe. It's up to you to pay attention when orderingr :-)

Can we rent a car?

Yes, and it's even very simple. Many organizations offer to reserve your rental car via the Internet. It's safe, practical and often saves money since you can easily compare prices and services from your home.
I suggest you read the paragraph on safety and driving in Mexico from the article about safety in Mexico for more information.

What are the best beaches in Mexico?

My answer cannot be complete since I have not explored the Pacific part. But as for the Caribbean coast (Yucatan), I would say that Tulum and Playa del Carmen really stand out.