Mexico introducing photo

Travel to Mexico

Welcome to Mexico!

Mexico postcard Our trip was dedicated to southern Mexico, from Mexico city to Yucatan peninsula and Oaxaca. Indeed, as the country is big, we made a choice and the south appeared more interesting to us... and we didn't regret!

Historically and culturally, Mexico is definitively rich but nature also did things well giving the country beautiful landscapes which made this trip unforgettable.

We propose to show you our Mexico photos as followed: landscapes, relics of the past and modernity, wildlife, art and craft.

What for? We simply would like to convey the feelings we had while travelling to Mexico and maybe give you the idea to visit this great country. And if you can't physically travel there right now, you can at least spend a little time travelling virtually.

Photos and travelogue

Mexico landscapes


Reflection of the mexican large diversity of landscapes. Heavenly beaches of Yucatan, mangroves and dryer areas surrounded by cactuses.

Mexico art

Art and craft

Relics of the past, from Chichen Itza to Tulum via Monte alban. In opposition,we put into relief Mexico's modernity.

Mexico wildlife


Wild animals and particularly birds and fishes. Yucatan crystalline waters are home of superb multicoloured fishes and in Celestun, we observed lots of birds among which flamingos.

Mexico Past and present

Past and present

Focus on mexican people and their skills for art, crafts and markets. Markets are always very colourful and the fruits stands very appetizing. As to art, masks et colourful wooden animals brighten up the markets.

Mexico travelogue


Day by day description of my 15 day trip in Mexico, from Mexico city to Yucatan peninsula.