Tunisia travelogue and photos
Tunisia travelogue

Reportage photo en Tunisie

Seaside stay ... but not too much!

Initially planned for me to rest, this week-long trip to Tunisia was only a few hours at the seaside. I was indeed quickly bored on the beach and my thirst for discovery quickly regained the upper hand.
So, camera on my shoulder, I went in search of exoticism in three Tunisian cities: Sousse, Monastir and Kairouan.

Tunisian photo gallery

Tunisia travel photos highlighting the Tunisian people as well as the local architecture of Sousse, Monastir and Kairouan. But Tunisia is also the lively souks, filled with scents and colors.
You will find below two examples of typical art and architecture as well as views of the city of Sousse, smaller and less touristy than Monastir, but whose souks are worth a visit.

The city of Kairouan is a city of commerce and tourism, also famous for its souks. The Aghlabids basin is a major tourist site but it is also very pleasant to stroll through the streets to discover the architecture and the local culture.