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This gallery of Upper Egypt temples photos gives you a glimpse of these majestic treasures of the past: Luxor, Karnak, Esna and Edfu.

The following paragraph gives you a comment on each egyptian temple photo and then you will see the display of each snapshot.

  • Statue of Ramesses II usurped by Pinedjem I: only priests or god related people were allowed to enter this temple where mysterious ceremonies complying with precise and complex rituel took place with a view of making the univers work properly.
  • Edfu temple: it is the temple dedicated to Horus god, man with a hawk's head or a solar disk.
  • Temples close shots: statue of giant in Ramesses II courtyard.
    Karnak temple: colourful hieroglyphs decorating a ceiling
    Karnak temple: part of a fresco.
    Luxor temple: Close shot of one of the sphinx statue forming the straight dromos in Luxor temple.
  • Temples close shots: Edfu temple: Hawk statue, symbol of protection and divine image of the royal function
    Luxor temple: View of the great colonnade.
    Luxor temple: Sphinx forming the straight dromos which used to link Karnak to Louxor temple, aimed at protecting the sacred boats leaving Louxor temple.
    Esna temple: Fresco showing pharaoh killing his ennemies
  • Luxor temple: two giant statues of Ramesses II symbolize the entrance to the temple. Linked to Karnak thanks to a 2.5 km dromos, Luxor temple was the celebration place for the Opet.
  • Temples: Karnak temple: Fresco representing a cartouche with one of the names of king Sethi 2.
    Karnak temple: The body of the sphinx leading to the entrance of the temple are lion shaped, the lion being symbol of royalty. Their head is ram shaped, emblematic animal of Amon god, symbolising physical power
    Luxor temple: Aménophis III courtyard..
  • Columns: Karnak temple: Hatchepsout obelisk. The inscription carved on it is a message from the queen who is proud to announce that this monolith has been extracted in seven months. Its top part as well as its point were electrum plated, a gold and silver alloy
    Karnak temple: Colonnade
    Luxor temple: Colonnade