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This landscapes gallery is made of photos taken during a boat cruise on the Nile and therefore mainly proposes photos of this mighty river and its banks, as weel as traditional boats: feloucas.

The following paragraph gives you a comment on each photo and then you will see the display of each snapshot.

  • Nile reflection photo taken on the elephantine island in Aswan. We can see a felouca reflecting on the Nile waters.
  • Sunset on the Nile: wonderful view from our room on the boat ! On the foreground you can see a grey heron.
  • Nile Paradise: one of the numerous feloucas sailing on the Nile in Aswan, proposing beautiful cruises.
  • Nile Elegance: view of the right bank of the Nile at sunset.
  • Village Nile banks: during the cruise, we spotted a lot of these villages where some houses are made of mud and branches
  • Boats: Odd place with two very old boats and a recent one on the foreground which seems to be levitating above the Nile waters!
  • Feloucas: nowadays, felouca is mainly used as a touristic attraction in Aswan or Luxor but we must remember that it's also a small boat used to carry stones, pottery, construction bricks or animals.
    It used to be made of wood following traditionnal technics which tends to be abandonned, wood being replaced by steel.
  • Feloucas, very common in Aswan, are an excellent way of reaching elephantine island, the left bank or the nubian village
  • Life around the Nile: the Nile is source of life for Egypt: tourism, fishing, breeding, farming....
  • Village and felouca: village of the left bank of the Nile
  • Nile banks landscapes: early morning quiet scenery and women washing clothes in the Nile waters.
  • Cruising feloucas: on the Nile at Louxor
  • Luxor port: feloucas waiting for tourists in Luxor
  • Fuel station: not only it is a petrol sation, but it is also used as a diving platform