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Landscapes, temples and people of Egypt

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[Egypt landscapes photos, Egypt temples photos, Egypt people photos] This boat cruise between Aswan and Luxor, in Egypt, was the occasion to meet with the beauty of this country where the treasures of the past are at every corner: temples of Karnak, Luxor, Edfou and Esna. But Egypt is firmly facing the future, taking advantage of its touristic assets such as its ancestors inheritance and a generous weather.
Along the mighty Nile, we enjoyed this wonderful cruise and took photos capturing Egypt landscapes, scenes of everyday's life and of course temples.
This page welcomes you to a virtual tour of Egypt in three topics: landscapes, temples and egyptian people.

Egypt photos gallery

This photos gallery of Egypte proposes landscapes photos along the Nile but also photos of ancient Egypt temples and photos of egyptian people in their everyday's life.

Egypt landscapes photos

[Egypt landscapes photos]In Egypt landscapes are highly contrasted. We can define three categories: on the Nile, nautical landscapes including boats and traditional feloucas, on the banks, "alive" landscapes with villages and cultivated lands and finally getting away from the Nile, landscapes get drier and drier which is where the desert begins.

Egypt temples photos

[Egypt temples photos]Egypt is also synonymous of history, the striking pharaohs era and its relics of the past. Egypt temples impose respect because of their huge sizes and the history theyr represent.
These few photos of Edfu, Karnak, Luxor and Esna temples carry you back to the past...

Egyptian people photos

[egyptian people photos]Egypt is animated by a great activity, especially on the market places where toutists look for exotism and egyptian people shop for their everyday's life.
This category is dedicated to egyptian people.

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