Zimbabwe introducing photo
Zimbabwe photo report

Photos of Victoria Falls and the Zambezi

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are the widest in the world, spanning nearly 1700m and falling 108m high. They are made up of 5 Horseshoe falls, Devil's cataract, Main falls, Rainbow falls and Eastern cataract. The hum of Victoria Falls is heard day and night and the violence of the fall causes a cloud of water that can rise up to 500m high, clearly visible from the plane as it approaches the final destination.
In June the flow of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is almost maximum, the show is magical!

Zambezi landscapes

The Zambezi, which crosses Zimbabwe, is the source of superb landscapes that I was lucky enough to be able to observe, especially at dusk or early in the morning.

From the A'zambezi hotel where I was staying, I I have been able to embark twice on a river cruise upstream from the falls: it is ideal for contemplating the spectacle of nature, whether it is the landscapes or the wild animals.