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About the trip to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe postcard Zimbabwe is a country in southern Africa, surrounded & oacute; by the Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Mozambic.

This country which was one of the most prosperous in the region is now plagued by serious economic difficulties following political choices that were not always wise but that I will not comment on here. The first ones suffering from the consequences are the inhabitants of Zimbabwe who fight for their survival in a country which has everything to succeed:

Zimbabwe's tourist assets

Nature was generous by endowing Zimbabwe with one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world, the Victoria Falls, which attracts more and more tourists. In addition, like the surrounding countries, Zimbabwe's wildlife is not negligible a tourist asset.

What activities in Zimbabwe?

You got it, The Victoria Falls constitutes today the main attraction of the country, often on the occasion of a trip to Botswana. They can be visited on foot, the site allowing superb points of view. A helicopter flight is also the occasion to get a fantastic view, at rather high cost, but frankly, it is worth it as the spectacle is magnificent.

There are also many national parks in Zimbabwe, but because of the crisis that the country has been going through for so many years, they are poorly maintained and have become real sieves in which poachers dare to venture.

I enjoyed a lot the contact with the Zimbabweans, rather fatalistic but jovial and friendly, like those encountered in a market from Victoria falls or as the taxi drivers with whom I have chatted a lot: this was an extraordinary human experience.

To better understand Zimbabwe beauty, embark with us on a virtual journey to ancient Southern Rhodesia through the photo galleries below.

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zimbabwe landscapes photos

Landscapes photos

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are the widest in the world, spanning nearly 1700m and falling 108m high. In June the flow is almost maximum, the show even more magical as you can see in the photos taken from the ground but also from the sky (helicopter flight)

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People photos

The people of Zimbabwe, although hardly hit by poverty, remain with a kindness and kindness unique to this country. I had the opportunity to interact with them but also to take photos at a market in Victoria Falls, a city located near Victoria Falls, hence its name.

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Wildlife photos

Zimbabwe constitutes the natural habitat of many animals such as monkeys, warthogs that I could observe at leisure in the national parks, Victoria falls national park or in the gardens of the A'Zambezi hotel located in the Zambezi national park.

About my stay in Zimbabwe

I spent a week in Zimbabwe, in a hotel in Victoria Falls which offered an absolutely exceptional environment, upstream from the famous Victoria Falls. Considering what I had planned to do there, I had chosen not to rent a car but to use the local taxis.
Here is what I take away from this very nature-oriented stay:

  • The sight of Victoria Falls is absolutely fantastic, whether observed from the ground or from the air
  • The Azambezi hotel in which I resided enjoys an idyllic location for those who like to be as close as possible to nature and animals, judge instead: warthogs and monkeys roam freely on the lawns and in the trees of the complex, the riverbank of the Zambezi on which the hotel is located allows the observation of hippos, elephants and crocodiles just a few meters away, and it is not uncommon to cross paths with antelope of all kinds in the nearby surroundings.
  • The only downside, and not the least, the Zimbabwean people are in worrying distress as their purchasing power has continued to deteriorate over the years. Former breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe has begun its decline and nothing seems to be done to stop it: the first victims are the Zimbabweans.

Best time to travel to Zimbabwe

googlesYou can travel all year round in Zimbabwe but the period can be refined depending on the activity you plan. If you are traveling there to view Victoria Falls, it is best to aim for the peak flow period, February through June. On the other hand, if you want to do water sports, kayaking, canyoning or other, it is better to prefer the period when the flow is minimal, from September to January.
Animal observation can however be done in good conditions. throughout the year.