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Cuba postcard Travel to Cuba, you won't regret it. From cuban people hospitality to gorgeous landscapes of Cuba, everything is set to stimulate your senses. We are willing to convey our emotions through our photos of Cuba : landscapes photos of Cuba, photos of people of Cuba, photos of cities of Cuba and old american cars photos.

One particularity of Cuba comes from the old american cars. People of Cuba take special care of these presents from the past... pleasure of the eyes in Cuba!

This trip to Cuba has been the occasion to discover this gorgeous caribbean island. We chose to live from day to day as we had made no hotel reservation. We actually stayed at casas particulares (sort of B&B's). We believe this is a good way to understand Cuba, discussing with people, exchanging point of views about everything and Cuba...

Activities during our stay and itinerary in Cuba are available on our travel guide to Cuba.

Cuba is a magical place where it is possible to stay a full week in an hotel club going to the beach everyday and come back from holidays with the impression that everything's great in Cuba !
On the contrary staying in Cuba the way we did it obliges you to open the eyes on the extreme poverty of people mainly caused by Cuba's leader politics and indirectly by the embargo.

Nevertheless, these pages will show you the nice part of Cuba, you will find landscapes pictures, happy people of Cuba, old fashion cars shining like the first day. As a matter of fact, we believe showing Cuba like that is a way of supporting people of Cuba who struggle everyday for a better future.
Viva Cuba, struggling Cuba, Cuba libre !

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Cuba landscapes photos


Sometimes pictures are better than words, that's the case with landscapes of Cuba... pleasure of the senses when you travel to Cuba!

Cuban people photos


People of Cuba know what conviviality and hospitality mean... more than welcome in Cuba!

Cuba American cars photos

American cars

One of the symbols of Cuba is the old american cars. A delight for the tourists and the photographers.

Cuban cities photos


Cities of are not as gleaming as the rest of Cuba but it makes the island more charming... pleasure of walking in Cuba!

Cuba travelogue


Follow day by day our 15 day trip to Cuba which may help you plan your own holidays.

Best time to travel to Cuba

googlesIt is best to travel to Cuba between january and march, this is the peak season but ait's when the weather is the fairer