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Costa rica

[Costa rica]

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Costa rica is located in central America. its western border is the pacific ocean and its easter one is the caribbean sea. Despite it is a volcanic land of only 51 100 km², Costa rica has got an impressiv diversity of landscapes : volcanos, jungles, white sand beaches, cofee plantations and so on. The country is also home of a very rich wildlife including 800 species of birds.

Our stay in Costa rica lead us to the pacific coast, particularly the Nicoya peninsula, the caribbean coast as well as the central valley. For more details see our detailed itinerary and a map of Costa rica.

Costa rica is a tropical country with two seasons, the dry season which goes from decembre to april and the wet season from may to november.Temperatures are good all year long (25° to 30°C).
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Our pictures of Costa rica are divided into two categories : Landscapes pictures and wildlife photos.

[Landscapes photos of Costa rica]

Landscapes photos of Costa rica

Because of bad weather conditions on the caribbean coast, you'll find mainly landscapes pictures of the pacific coast of Costa rica and Irazu volcano as well as a few pictures of flowers.

[wildlife photos of Costa rica]

Wildlife photos of Costa rica

25% of its territory is protected which makes Costa rica an example to be followed as far as nature protection is concerned. Animals take benefit from these measures as they live quietly in tropical rainforest, mangroves or jungles. Moreoften they are quite difficult to see in these dense landscapes but we managed to spot some interesting specimen such as blue jean frogs, sloth...

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