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Corsica postcard Corsica is an island located south of french continent and the least that we can say is that it is making news. Some praise it to the skies, others demonstrate their irritation. Corsica is one of these islands with sturdy character.

Whether you like it or not, you can't deny that Corsica has huge prosperity, notably touristical, based on its natural heritage. Corsica is set apart the other mediterranean islands because of its green aspect, even during the hottest summers, with more than 2000 vegetal species.
Moreover, thanks to numerous listed sites and natural reserves, Corsica remains one of the most protected islands.

Whatever the season, you always have a good reason to visit Corsica. Summer, of course, is when one can take advantage of the numerous beautiful beaches, spring gives the occasion to enjoy hiking in the scrubland, autumn, during chestnut celebration, corsican villages reveal their spirit and in winter we all praise the mild corsican weather...

But Corsica can't only be defined by its natural richness. The culture, craft and traditions (notably gastronomy) are more than alive. Take time to hang around in one corsican market to enjoy the local know-how.

From the continent, it is fairly easy to travel to Corsica, by boat and by air. Once on the island, the best way to visit is to rent a car, even though corsican roads are winding.
The best time of year to visit Corsica is during intermediate season, when the island is not overcrowded (may-june and september-october). In high season, accomodations prices can rise up to 5 times more than in low season.

Finaly, the best way to know Corsica is to visit the island. And to help you prepare your holidays we propose you a virtual trip to Corsica through our photos.

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Landscapes in Corsica are thrilling, from the famous calanches to beautiful sandy beaches. Click on the image on the left to access the photo gallery.