Travel to Hawaii

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Aloha, welcome to Hawaii ! discovering Hawaii, a state of the United states of America located in the Pacific. Pictures, travelogue and video of our stay on Oahu, Kaua'i and Hawaii islands.

Hawaii can be spelled Hawai'i or Hawaï is a polynesian archipelago of more than hundred islands in the Pacific ocean. Because of the beauty of its landscapes and also because it is far from everywhere Hawai'i is considered an even on earth.

Mother nature was very generous with these small islands endowing them with powerful volcanoes, lush mountains, deep canyons were waterfalls fed rivers run, gorgeous coconut tree beaches, white sand and turquoise waters. Finally, Hawaii is the surf mecca. Even though winter is the best season, when the surf is up, you can surf year round from dawn to sunset.

Underwater world is fantastic as numerous coral reefs shelter the most beautiful tropical fishes and attract sea turtles and many other species.

Don't hesitate to embark with us bound for Polynesia for a virtual travel to Hawaii, on earth and underwater. Our pictures are divided into two categories: Hawaii landscapes and underwater world.
[Hawaii travel pictures] Hawaii landscapes pictures.
Great diversity of landscapes under generous Polynesian sun: volcanoes, white sandy beaches, canyons, colourful flora etc.
[Hawaii underwater pictures] Hawaii underwater pictures.
Numerous coral reefs shelter many tropical colourful fishes and sea turtles...