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Welcome to California

California postcard California is a state of the USA I've always dreamt of visiting. Therefore it's not a surprise if my first trip as an adult was there.

For me, California has the image of freedom, a place where everything is possible.

This travelogue, as mentionned above took place quite a long time ago, at a time when digital cameras didn't exist. Consequently I had to scan the photos, hence the poor quality of some of them.

On the following pages you will find photos of San francisco (the golden gate bridge, streets...) to Los angeles via Sacramento, Yosemite park, las Vegas (in Nevada state), death valley, mojave desert...

Not only you will find pictures of cities, urbanisation but you'll also discover pictures of landscapes and wildlife.

And in addition to the photos check out the detailed itinerary of our stay in this great state of the USA.

Photos and travelogue

california photos


Wild wide landscapes, booming cities, spectacular waterfalls and endless desert are some of the California photos you can browse... and there are more so don't waste a minute!

california travelogue


follow day by day this fantastic trip to California. I hope this travelogue can inspire you and help you organize your trip to California.