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Bavarian forest Bavarian forest national park (Bayerischer Wald) is located in the South-East of Germany. Created in 1970 and extended in 1997, it is now 240 km² wide and spreads along the boundary with Czech Republic.
Bayerischer Wald national park is just the perfect place to make one with nature. Several trekking trails lead through the deep forest anytime of the year as skiing is also an option.

Two information centers, Haus zur Wilnis, in the north and Hans Eisenmann Haus, in the south, will freely give you maps and useful indications. They are also home of two wildlife reserves icluding animals which used to live in Bavarian forest in the wild.

This is actually the main reason why I decided to visit Bayerischer Wald. These two reserves offer seldom opportunity to watch wildlife and take pictures of animals that are very difficult to see in the wild: wolf and lynx. In the park they live in big enclosures with amazing vegetation and can be watched from wooden watchtowers.

In addition to wolves and lynx, many more wild animals can be spotted in Bavarian forest national park like boars, otters, owls, raptors... so join me for a hike in Bayerischer Wald national park.

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Come and feel nature by visiting Bayerischer Wald national park, Germany, in photos, a place where mother nature in queen. Walk around along the numerous lovely trails, listen to nature, fill up with the natural scents and watch wildlife: wolves, lynx, raptors, otters, owls, boars

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follow day by day my stay in Bavarian forest, locally called Bayerischer Wald.