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Wildlife in Zimbabwe, especially in Victoria falls natural reserve, is very impressive as it can be met anytime, from the hotel garden where we observed warthogs to the side of the road where elephants or waterbucks often pop up. Description of the photos.

- Waterbuck

[Zimbabwe wildlife photos]In spite of its name, the waterbuck doesn't especially like water. Yet, it is a good swimmer and doesn't hesitate to flee into water if threatened.

- Anhinga or african darter

[Zimbabwe wildlife photos]Anhinga is also called African darter because when it dives into the water, it takes the appearance of a dart and spurs its preys.

- Young blue vervet monkey

[Zimbabwe wildlife photos]Young blue vervet monkey met in the Mercure A'Zambezi hotel.

- Warthogs

[Zimbabwe wildlife photos]It is usual to see warthogs getting down on their knees to feed as they have a very short neck.

- Blue vervet

[Zimbabwe wildlife photos]Now I guess you understand why they are called bluevervet...

- Hippopotamus

[Zimbabwe wildlife photos]Intimidation attempt or real weariness ?
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