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Tunisian Republic

Area : 163 610 km²
Population : 9 932 400 (2004)
Capital : Tunis
Government : Républic
Currency : Tunisian dinar


Standard Arabic is Tunisia's official language. However, most people speak vernacular Tunisian Arabic as is the case in most Arab countries.
While Tunisia's official language is Arabic, French, Italian , and English are also widely spoken. Many Tunisians in fact speak a patois of some combination of these languages, most commonly an Arabic-French mixture.


Tunisia is a country situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Valley. It is bordered by Algeria in the west and Libya in the south-east. An abrupt southern turn of its shoreline gives Tunisia two faces on the Mediterranean.
Despite its relatively small size, Tunisia has great geographical and climactic diversity.


Tunisia has a diverse economy, with important agricultural, mining, energy, tourism, petroleum, and manufacturing sectors. Governmental control of economic affairs, whilst still heavy, has gradually lessened over the past decade with increasing privatization, simplification of the tax structure, and a prudent approach to debt. Real growth averaged 5.0% in the 1990s, and inflation is slowing. Increased trade and tourism have been key elements in this steady economic growth