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Men Can't Pick Who They Sit Beside on Planes, Israeli Court Rules

The case pitted Renee Rabinowitz, an 82-year-old who fled the Nazis during World War II, against Israel's national carrier El Al.

New Maps Show Zika Mosquitoes Are Common

States especially affected include California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida and other Gulf states, and the mid-Atlantic states.

Trump Will Tighten, but Not Nix, Cuba Travel

Cruise lines, tour operators, travel agents and others in the travel industry are figuring out how Trump's changes will affect American business in Cuba.

Summer Vacation? Nearly Half Say They Can't Afford It

Nearly half of Americans say they won't be taking a vacation this summer, mostly because they can't afford it, according to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Video Shows Passenger Shoved to the Ground by United Employee

United issued an apology on Tuesday after 2015 surveillance footage showed an elderly man being pushed to the ground by an employee and left unattended.

Write Your Name With the Wrong Hand When Turbulence Hits Your Plane

Jeff Rossen boards a special turbulence simulator to show what happens when turbulence hits your plane ? and how to cope with your fears when it does.

Gaping Hole in Engine Triggers Panic on Passenger Jet

Passengers told Australian media they heard a loud noise and smelled something burning before the crew started moving everyone from the left side of the plane.

Panic as Large Section of Plane's Engine Casing Torn-Off Midair

A China Eastern Airbus A330 bound for Shanghai had to return to Sydney airport after a gaping hole was ripped into one of its two engines.

Big Sur Facing Tough Tourist Season After Landslides

Following a series of landslides, many hotels and restaurants were forced to temporarily close in the majestic California region just before the busy season.

Beach Tech: 3 New Products To Keep You and Your Stuff Safe

Jeff Rossen tries out three new products to keep you, your family and your valuables safe at the beach: Beach Vault, BuddyTag and Kingii.

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