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Airline launches probe after Zuckerberg sister harassed in first class

Alaska Airlines says it has launched an investigation after author and CEO Randi Zuckerberg described crude behavior by a passenger which was ignored by staff.

Woman on Delta flight: I was mistaken for sex trafficking victim

Stephanie Ung said that she was questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers for more than an hour upon arriving at the airport.

Americans in Bali describe chaos as volcano strands tourists

Tens of thousands of travelers remained stranded in Bali on Monday as a volcano hurled gray ash nearly 10,000 feet into the air, canceling hundreds of flights and shuttering the island's airport.

Save $520 on your next flight with these 4 airfare hacks

Bargain flights grab headlines, but add-ons can send prices soaring. Follow these tips to stay on budget, and travel in comfort.

Americans stuff the roadways before they stuff the turkey

America's roads and airports filled with Thanksgiving holiday travelers on what AAA said could be the busiest holiday travel day in more than a decade.

Here's how your Thanksgiving travel is going to pan out

Almost 51 million Americans are expected to travel over the Thanksgiving break ? and new security rules at the airport could slow things down even more.

Tourists ordered to avoid Israel's border amid fears of retaliation attack

Palestinian Islamic Jihad vowed revenge after Israel blew up one of its tunnels two weeks ago.

'Disturbing' Undercover Probe Found TSA Screeners Missing Many Test Weapons

A Congressional committee chairman said a classified briefing on vulnerabilities in airport security was "disturbing."

Breathtaking Light Show at Paris' Notre-Dame Commemorates WWI

Visitors gathered in the courtyard of Notre-Dame in Paris on Wednesday night to watch the "Dame de Coeur" light and sound show on the cathedral's facade.

'Severe' Plague Hits 1,800 in Madagascar

Plague is spreading in Madagascar, WHO says, and it's likely to be a threat until April.

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