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Edimburgh to the Highlands

Our trip started with a full day dedicated to Edinburgh, the castle, parks, streets... and among the interesting ones is the Royal Mile in the old town. It stretches from the castle to Holyrood palace. The panoramic view from the castle place is also worth it. Edinburgh is clearly divided into two cities: the old one and the recent one.

[Scotland - Edinburgh castle]
Edinburgh castle
[Scotland - bagpipe]
[Scotland - houses]
[Scotland - taxi cab]
taxi cab
Then we rented a car, bound for Inverness following Deeside touristic road as far as Ballater then Highland touristic road. We enjoyed the hilly green landscapes where sheeps live freely.
[Scotland - highlands sheeps]
[Scotland - house]
Once in Inverness we could easily head to the famous loch Ness, sailing on the Caledonian canal and see Urquhart castle.
[Scotland - Inverness]
[Scotland - Caledonian canal]
Caledonian canal
[Scotland - loch Ness]
loch Ness

We left Inverness northbound by Moray Firth touristic road leading us along the north-eastern coast of Scotland. We finally reached Wick, nice town with pedestrian walkway.
[Scotland - landscape]
[Scotland - scenery]
In addition to beautiful and protected landscapes, the Highlands are also home for several birds and the Highlands cow.
[Scotland - cow and sheep]
cow and sheep
[Scotland - Highlands cow]
Highlands cow
[Scotland - birds]
We drove from John o'groats to Ullapol, most of the time with the rain, via North and West Highlands touristic road. We saw impressive cliffs, beautiful sand beaches and green meadows.
[Scotland - Duncansby head]
Duncansby head
[Scotland - meadow]
[Scotland - meadows]
[Scotland - sand beach]
sand beach
We left Ullapool bound for Glencoe, peaceful town near loch Leven. On our way we stopped at Eilean donan castle which seems to float on the loch...
[Scotland - Eilean donan castle]
Eilean donan castle
[Scotland - glencoe]