Travel to Mexico


The animals we photographed are essentially birds and fishes, the latter being the most difficult to snapshot!!
[caribbean fishes]
caribbean fishes
In Celestun natural reserve we quietly observed flamingos. By the way do you know where the pink colour comes from? It actually comes from the food. They absorb quantity of pink shrimps larvas which give the colour. Besides it is easy to recognize the new born are they are all white!
A lot of bird live in this natural reserve like cormorants, egrets, frigatebirds and during the appropriate season, storks.
[cormorant and egret]
cormorant and egret
[male frigatebird]
male frigatebird
While we visited Chichen Itza site we observed a lot of iguanas enjoying the (hot) sun.
Finally, heavenly lagoons of crystalline Caribbean waters are home of gorgeous fishes which can be easily observed with a mask and a snorkel. Unforunately, it is much more difficult to get a satisfaying photo. For this reason, we only can show you the thumbnails, no enlargment is possible as the qulity is too poor.
[caribbean fish]
caribbean fish
[caribbean fish]
caribbean fish
[caribbean fish]
caribbean fish
[caribbean fish]
caribbean fish
[caribbean fish]
caribbean fish