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Climbing mount Kilimanjaro

Welcome to Kilimanjaro!

Kilimanjaro postcard Mount Kilimanjaro, also called the "roof of Africa", is 5895 metres high; it is the highest summit of the african continent.

This fascinating mountain seems to stand alone in the plains of Africa with no contestant around except for mount Meru, some 1420m smaller. Kilimanjaro is renowned and gets its glory not only from its undeniable beauty but also from its incongruous position, very close to the equator, dominating the vast east-african plains where girafes, lions, elephants and other wild animals live.

Although Kilimanjaro sits enthroned on Africa, there is no need to be a professional mountain climber to think of its climbing, even via Machame route known as the most difficult one. The "Kili" is indeed accessible to anyone above the age of 10... provided you are in good physical condition. But don't fool yourself, the climbing of Kilimanjaro is not a piece of cake!. The high failure rates speak for themselves: is spite of the apparences, climbing Kilimanjaro is not a simple formality!

Nevertheless one easy way is to follow us in a virtual Kilimanjaro climbing, reading our climbing travelogue or browsing our photos or advices on preparation, equipment and how to avoid altitude sickness.

Finally, Tanzania is not only famous for its giant mountain but also for other tanzanian natural wonders like Serengeti park, N'Gorongoro crater or Zanzibar.

Photos and travelogue

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Selection of the most typical photos taken during the ascent of mount Kilimanjaro with stunning views of the highest summit in Africa.

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follow day by day my trip to Tanzania to make a dream come true: climbing mount Kilimanjaro.