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Ireland postcard This stay in Ireland enabled us to visit Dublin and one of the most famous and beautiful region of Ireland: Connemara.
The beautiful landscapes, the general ambiance and the warm welcome of local people made this stay very pleasant.

Ireland is an interesting mix of nature and humanity. It's a country where you take the time to live and enjoy good things.
Dublin, capital city of Ireland, is young and festal. It's been developping culturally and economically for a few years and is now the engine of Ireland. The country now proudly displays its independancy to its british neighbour.

The pubs of Dublin and the other irish cities are the image of the country: welcoming and joyful. Although Ireland doesn't deny its past which gave its spirit we all like, the country is now facing towards modernity which suits very well.

To start your virtual tour of Ireland from Dublin to Connemara visit the Ireland photos page where you'll find gorgeous landscapes photos and everyday's life scenes like street musicians, market and so on.

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The Ireland landscapes photos are basically divided in two categories:

  • Dublin with photos of people in their everyday life in the irish capital city as well as architecture or streets pictures.
  • Connemara and the cities of this area like Galway or Westport.

Since this trip to Dublin and Connemara I've had the occasion to travel to northern Ireland, Cork and Donegal.
Unfortunately I still haven't found the time to upload the photos...

Best time to travel to Ireland

googlesAccording to us may is the best month to visit Ireland as there are fewer tourists and the weather is fine.