Day after day follow my travel to Hawaii on Oahu (Honolulu and Waïkiki), Kaua'i and big island.

Travelogue à Hawaii

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Day 1: Paris - Honolulu

We left Paris at 9am bound for Atlanta and Honolulu. We landed at Honolulu airport around 8pm local time (8am in France) after more than 20 hours in airplanes or airports. We then picked up our rental car and... [Next]

Day 2: Oahu

After an early morning due to the jetlag we picked up the car and headed South-East to Hanauma bay, famous for its clear waters, coral reef and . But... [Next]

Day 3: Honolulu - Lihue (Kaua'i)

Frustrated after we were unable to see Hanauma bay nature preserve, we took advantage of our early wake-up (6h) to head to this gorgeous place where we spent 1 hour snorkelling. Hanauma bay is really a privileged site. It is a wide... [Next]

Day 4: Kaua'i East and North

We started the day with a MUST, a helicopter ride around Kaua'i island! The sky is clear although some clouds are already hidding the main summits. We dicover the wonderful with turquoise waters, the great where... [Next]

Day 5: Kaua'i West and South

This morning we chose an early morning start to explore the on the West side of Kaua'i island. Indeed, as the clouds seem to gather around noon and then minimize the beaty of the canyon, we prefered... [Next]

Day 6: Lihue - Hilo (Big island)

This morning we leave bound for the Eastern coast of the Big island. Once in Hilo, we pick-up our rental car and drive straight to where... [Next]

Day 7: Volcanoes park - Kailua Kona

The morning is dédicated to the in order to explore Kilauea crater and its surroundings via the Crater rim drive. Among the main attractions are the Thurston lava tube Halema'uma'u crater which use to... [Next]

Day 8: Kailua Kona

The morning is dedicated to snorkelling activity at Napo'opo'o beach in the gorgeous Kealakekua bay. The ocean is very clear, I swim among numerous tropical colourful fishes, , this... [Next]

Day 9: Kailua Kona - Honolulu - Paris

As our flight back to Honolulu is scheduled at 5pm, we take time to drive 40 miles to Waimea, a small town close to Mauna Kea volcano. Waimea offers a new vision of Big island, after the volcanic landscapes (south) and the beaches (west). The city is... [Next]