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Egyptian people photos gallery

This photos gallery puts into relief the egyptian people we met between Aswan and Luxor.
This is a description of the photos.

- Nubian village

[Egyptian people photos - Nubian village]The Nubian village is located on the Elephantine island in Aswan, it is a very nice place to hang around. Ideally, try to sail there in a traditional felouca.

- Esna storekeeper

[Egyptian people photos - Esna storekeeper]Always looking for the sale of the day, egyptian storekeepers are always eager to show their products to the tourists. This woman is presenting a traditional oriental dancer costume.

- For sale in the egyptian souks

[Egyptian people photos - For sale in the egyptian souks]The ever highly coloured egyptian souks are the perfect place to buy all sorts of fruits, vegetables and spices. The stand are well stocked and the products are put into relief thanks to a nice presentation. On this photo there are oranges, spices and date fruit.

- Bargaining scene

[Egyptian people photos - Bargaining scene]Bargaining is not only for tourists, it is said that egyptians together are tough !

- Egyptian people

[Egyptian people photos - Egyptian people]Mosa´c of four photos representing the egyptian people.

- Colourful dwellings

[Egyptian people photos - Colourful dwellings]Colourful dwellings on the Nile banks.

- Two egyptian men, two occupations

[Egyptian people photos - Two egyptian men, two occupations]First man is selling vegetables on a market while the other one is guiding donkeys carrying heavy materials.

- Facade of an Aswan house

[Egyptian people photos - Fašade of a house]Facade of a house in an Aswan lane. What we liked about it is the contrast between the white colour of the house and the blue of the windows.

- Egyptian architectural art

[Egyptian people photos - Egyptian architectural art]Nice example of the egyptian skills in architecture mixing colors and geometrical forms.

- Old man in Aswan

[Egyptian people photos - Old man in Aswan]Old man on the market place in Aswan

- Open window on the egyptian desert

[Egyptian people photos - Open window on the egyptian desert]It is incredible to believe that when I took this photo, the Nile river was just 3 meters behind me... Yet, the implacable desert stands just in front that house which resists but for how long ?

- Urban means of transport in Egypt

[Egyptian people photos - urban means of transport in Egypt]Four photos about urban transportation in Egypt. The wagon pulled by a donkey remains a very good means of transport to carry heavy loads. The horse-drawn carriage are mostly used for tourists but from time to time, egyptian people use it for special occasions like weddings. For long distances, taxis are the best solution.

- Aswan souk

[Egyptian people photos - Aswan souk]Four photos showing what is for sale in the Aswan souk and how colourful it is.

- Nubian village on elephantine island

[Egyptian people photos - elephantine island]Nubian village on elephantine island: gorgeous colors, nice view on the Nile and surrounding desert sand dunes.

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