Cuba landscapes


Tobacco pictures

As Cuba main ressources are sugar cane and tobacco, we frequently saw a lot of plantations which, added to a red soil, create a colorful landscape.
Sugar cane Tobacco plantation


Vinales pictures

Viņales area is famous for its mogotes : big rocks which look like aslept pachyderms and are in fact the result of years of erosion.
In the periphery of Trinidad we could admire nice landscapes among them 'el tope de collantes'.
Mogotes Tope de collantes


Cuba sunset pictures

Playa larga is a village located on the Caribbean coast. The main curiosity here is the 400 meters beach with turquoise water... During sunset, the landscape becomes striking !


Cuba beach pictures

On either sides of Cuba (Caribbean or Atlantic), water has got incredible colors, from turquoise to emerald green !
Playa ancon Cayo coco


Playa larga Varadero


Underwater pictures

Besides, this water is so slear that it is possible to take underwater pictures of the coral reefs and multicolor fishes.
Coral reef


Multicolor fish Multicolor fish Multicolor fish


Pictures of cuban landscapes.

Landscapes pictures of Cuba underlying the beauty of this island. In addition to the usual but beautiful caribbean beaches, you'll find multicoloured fishes and photos of tobacco plantations near Vinales...

Yes, we all agree, beaches of Cuba are among the most beautiful in the world. We spent a few hours lying on the sand of Cayo coco and thought we had reached heaven! Playa Ancon is another gorgeous beach of Cuba with turquoise water and coral reef.

But Cuba is not all about beaches: there is a wide variety of landscapes.

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