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Saint Florent

Our corsican stay started in Bastia where we rented a car and headed to Saint Florent. A walk in the village and along the marina gave us a pretty good idea of the beauty of Corsica.
Saint Florent Saint Florent marina


Then we discovered Calvi, its beaches, marina and citadel. From the marina, the citadel can be seen through masts and ropes of the numerous boats.
calvi bay calvi landscape
Calvi citadel Calvi marina


Bonifacio was the occasion of a boat ride on the mediterranean sea to gaze the old village on the edge of the cliffs. Back on the island we climbed the Aragon stairs to reach Bonifacio. From up there the view is terrific!
Bonifacio Bonifacio
grain de sable Bonifacio grain de sable


It is very pleasant to stop by from time to time along the corsican calanches, landscapes speak for themselves.
the Calanches corsican calanches Calanches


La Corse est bien sûr réputée pour ses plages paradisiaques. A cette époque (début juin), il n'y avait pas foule sur les plages ce qui nous a permis d'en profiter au maximum.
santa giulia beach beach