Travel photos in British Colombia and Alberta

Wildlife photo gallery

As soon as we speack about Canada, the thought of nature and wildlife comes to our minds. Canada has indeed a very rch wildlife, starting with the bears. In september, they take advantage of the remaining time before winter to eat as much as they can with a view to increase their fat level before hibernation.
[Canada bear]
In the rockies we observed numerous wapitis. September is the begenning of the heat period for the males, it was strongly advised not to temper with them.
[male wapiti]
male wapiti
[female wapiti]
female wapiti
[male wapiti]
male wapiti
We were also lucky to see mountains goats (pretty seldom if we believe local people) and a coyote but too furtively! However, the only caribous we saw were on road signs!
[mountain goat]
mountain goat
On the contrary squirrels were numerous and not shy at all. More surprising we saw a lot of lamas breeding.
[red squirrel]
red squirrel
[steller jay]
steller jay
Let's leave the rockies bound for pacific coast, on Vancouver island, Tofino. During a boat ride we observed sea lions then we walked along long beach one of the most beautiful ones of the island.
[sea lions]
sea lions
[sea lion]
sea lion
Finally, it's close to Tofino coast that we observed grey whales.
[grey whale]
grey whale
[grey whale]
grey whale
[grey whale]
grey whale