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From Vancouver to the rocky mountains: photos of Tofino on Vancouver island, Stanley park, Emerald lake, Moraine lake, lake louise, Yoho park, Jasper, Okanagan valley, Athabasca glacier.
In XVIIIč century, western Canada were inhabited by indian tribes which finally were driven away by european colonizers. Some of these tribes still exist but are gathered in indian reserves. Yet, Canadian people doesn't forget the past and several museums and expositions are dedicated to the indian tribes.
[Stanley park]
Stanley park
[canadian flag]
canadian flag
Nevertheless, history is not the main attraction of tourists in Canada. The country is so big that it has a lot of gorgeous types of landscapes to appeal visitor's interest. To discover the pacific coast of Canada, we stayed in Vancouver and Vancouver island:
East of Vancouver are the vast plains of Okanagan known for their fertiles lands: ginseng cultures, mainly for exportation, fruits and grape-vines.
ginseng culture
Okanagan vines
Penticton fruits
Continuing east we met the rocky mountains where we enjoyed the lakes, rivers, forests, snowy mountain tops...
Les lacs :
[emerald lake]
emerald lake
[moraine lake]
moraine lake
Les cascades :
[Wells gray park]
Wells gray park
Les sommets :
[mountains tops]
mountains tops
[rockies landscapes]
rockies landscapes
[Yoho park]
Yoho park
Les paysages :
[annette lake]
annette lake
[Banff landscape]
Banff landscape
[river rockies]
river of the rockies
[autumn colours]
autumn colours
[athabasca glacier]
athabasca glacier