Travel to Cambodia

Cambodia travelogue

Cambodia travelogue

Days 1&2: From Paris to Phnom penh

Here we go for a very long flight from Paris to Phnom penh (Cambodia) via Singapore. Wa take off at 11.30am and reach Singapore at 7am local time after... [Next]

Day 3: Phnom penh

After a resting night we are ready for our second day in Cambodia capital city, Phnom penh. The sun is shining, the air is cool, we enjoy the local smells while... [Next]

Day 4: From Phnom penh to Battambang

Yesterday, we bought the bus tickets to Battambang 5$ per person. The journey takes about 5h (350 km). A minibus comes and picks us up at our hotel around... [Next]

Day 5: Battambang

This morning we walk to the Smokin\'pot for the Kmer cuisine lesson. Our "chef" takes us to the central market where we buy all the vegetables, meat, fish we need... [Next]

Day 6: From Battambang to Siem reap

This morning we woke up very early, at 5.45am, along with the sun, as we are to take the boat to Siem reap. We ask a... [Next]

Day 7: Angkor temples: small tour

Our driver is waiting for us in front of the hotel at 8.30 as expected for this first day visiting the great Angkor temples. We chose to... [Next]

Day 8: Angkor temples: big tour

This morning we asked our driver to pick us up a bit later, around 10.30am as we planned to get back to Angkor Wat at the end of the afternoon to continue the... [Next]

Day 9: Siem reap

Our tuk-tuk driver, always respectful of timing drives us to... [Next]

Days 10&11 : From Siem reap to Paris

Our tuk-tuk driver takes us to Siem reap international airport from where we fly to Singapore then... [Next]

Cambodia photos

Cambodia local life photos

Meet the atmosphere that reigns in cambodian cities and countrysides through these photos of local life from Phnom penh, Siem reap and Battambang.

Cambodian markets

Alive, coulourful, friendly and very smelly. This could be a way to describe the numerous cambodian markets. Fancy a visit?... without the smells!

Cambodian people

Taking photos of people is probably the best way to feel the emotions at first sight.

Angkor temples

Cambodia is world-renowned for Angkor temples. They are simply gorgeous and impressive. Follow the guide to Angkor temples.

Best time to travel

best time travel Cambodia

It is best to travel to Cambodia during winter, from november to march, when the temperatures are between 25 to 30. From may to october, during summer monsoon, it gets very hot and humid.