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Welcome to Cambodia

Flights fares

Airline tickets to Cambodia are quite expensive, expect between 950 and 1200 euros return tickets.


Trhree possibilities to buy a visa to Cambodia:
  • Go to cambodian embassy (generally 20$ U.S).
  • Upon arrival at Phnom penh or Siem reap airport, visas cost 20$ U.S.
  • If you want to avoid queuing upon arrival at the airport, buy a e-visa via Cambodia Visa (fee 25$ U.S including processing charges).
We chose the e-visa which we received by e-mail the same day, then printed it. That's as simple as that!


We booked in advance the hotel in Phnom penh (Bougainvilliers hotel) and in Siem reap (Steung Siem reap hotel) using the Internet to compare prices and get good discounts (around 20%). The two hotels are ideally located. In Battambang we stayed at Teo hotel, clean, cheap and close to the center.


It is easy and cheap to travel inside the cities using tuk-tuk or moto-taxis. They can be found anywhere and most of the time, they find you before you do!
From Phnom penh to Battambang we took a bus (5$ per person, 350 km). From Battambang to Siem reap we chose the boat which is an excellent way to discover the life on the Sangker riverbanks.


Although there is a risk of malaria in Cambodia, the level is low in touristy areas (Phnom penh, Battambang and Siem reap). But you'd better check with your doc before leaving.

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Cambodia photos

Cambodia local life photos

Meet the atmosphere that reigns in cambodian cities and countrysides through these photos of local life from Phnom penh, Siem reap and Battambang.

Cambodian markets

Alive, coulourful, friendly and very smelly. This could be a way to describe the numerous cambodian markets. Fancy a visit?... without the smells!

Cambodian people

Taking photos of people is probably the best way to feel the emotions at first sight.

Angkor temples

Cambodia is world-renowned for Angkor temples. They are simply gorgeous and impressive. Follow the guide to Angkor temples.

Best time to travel

best time travel Cambodia

It is best to travel to Cambodia during winter, from november to march, when the temperatures are between 25 to 30. From may to october, during summer monsoon, it gets very hot and humid.