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Holidays in Cambodia, Angkor temple

Holidays in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country located in the South-East of Asia world-renowned for better or for worst.
The better thanks to gorgeous and grand Angkor temples, but unfortunately, the worst because of the terrible Khmer Rouge regime, the atrocities perpetrated and the thousands mines spread out across the country which keep on killing blindingly.

Since Khmer Rouge regime was removed from power in 1979 Cambodia has been starting a new life. Tourism increases regularly, some two million people are yearly expected to travel to Cambodia. Today Angkor temples attract almost every tourists attention but soon the rest of the country will take advantage of tourism development and make holidays in Cambodia a must do.

The must see Cambodia Angkor temples were on our list. But we also wanted to see off the beaten track Cambodia, that's why we chose to go to Battambang after our stay in Phnom penh Cambodia capital city. We took a local bus to reach this colonial style city on Sangker riverbanks.

All along this Cambodia travel we met quite a lot of cambodian people who helped us know more about their great country. Khmer people are friendly and authentic. In spite of the chaotic circulation and the pollution, the general atmosphere of the cities is peaceful.

Cambodia travel photos

Cambodia local life photos

Meet the atmosphere that reigns in cambodian cities and countrysides through these photos of local life from Phnom penh, Siem reap and Battambang.

Cambodian markets

Alive, coulourful, friendly and very smelly. This could be a way to describe the numerous cambodian markets. Fancy a visit?... without the smells!

Cambodian people

Taking photos of people is probably the best way to feel the emotions at first sight.

Angkor temples

World-renowned Cambodia Angkor temples are simply gorgeous and impressive. Follow the guide to Angkor temples.

Best time for Cambodia travel

best time travel Cambodia

It is best to travel to Cambodia during winter, from november to march, when the temperatures are between 25 to 30. From may to october, during summer monsoon, it gets very hot and humid.

Cheap Cambodia travel

cheap travel to Cambodia

Cheap holidays in Cambodia is more than possible as long as you take local buses (or boats) between cities. Eating is also cheap, especially if fall for the excellent take away from street vendors.