Bayerischer wald wildlife

Bayerischer wald travelogue

Day by day program in Bayerischer Wald

Day 1

Late afternoon arrival in Bayerisch Eisenstein. Walk around in the village.

Day 2

Walk in the city of Zwiesel then visit to Haus zur Wildnis natural reserve.

Day 3

Mount Arber climb via cable-car and visit to Hans Eisenmann Haus reserve.

Day 4

Walk in the city of Pasau then flight to Paris.

About the trip

I flew from Paris to Munich then picked up a rental car to Bayerisch Eisenstein, a village located near the boundary with Czech Republic to the North of Bayerischer Wald national park.

Come and feel nature by visiting Bayerischer Wald national park, Germany, in photos, a place where mother nature in queen. Walk around along the numerous lovely trails, listen to nature, fill up with the natural scents and watch wildlife: wolves, lynx, raptors, otters, owls, boars.


I rented an appartment in Bayerisch Eisenstein.


Only a few people speak english in this part of Germany making it difficult to get directions or indications. If you don't speak german you'd better prepare your trip meticulously.