South africa travelogue

Map of South Africa - my trip illustrated on a map

Afrique du sud - Carte et itinéraire de notre voyage

Map of South Africa - travelogue

Day 1 South africa Paris - Johannesburg
We arrived in Jo'burg around 7 in the morning. There we rented a car and drove to Pretoria (50km) where we rested in a hotel. During the afternoon, we drove eastbound in the vicinity of Bronkhorstspruit where we encountered N'debele villages
This trip to South Africa dates back to a time when GPS navigational systems didn't exist yet. Therefore we had to find our way thanks to the map of south africa we had bought prior leaving Paris, France

Day 2 South africa Pretoria - Pietersburg
We visited Pretoria in the morning and then took the direction of Warmbath. On our way we stopped an hour and a half in a little national park where we saw our first wild animals: mainly giraffes, zebras and gnous.

Day 3 South africa Pietersburg - Gravelotte
On the road we noticed a lot of small typical huts villages. We decided to "visit" one, near Tzaneen, walking through it. The inhabitants were very surprised but friendly.

Day 4 South africa Gravelotte - Hoedspruit
Early morning, we took our car bound for Kruger park where we spent the whole day in our car, driving on the dusty trails. We saw plenty of wild animals but, probably because high temperature (around 34°C) we didn't succeed in seing lions... we just spotted a cheetah.

Day 5 South africa Hoedspruit
Hoedspruit is a good place to stay because it is surrounded by a lot of things that are worth being visited among which Kruger park and Blyde river canyon. This day we went in the mountains where we saw very beautiful landscapes and waterfalls.

Day 6 South africa Hoedspruit
In the morning we went back to Kruger park in order to take some more photos of this beautiful fauna and in the afternoon we visited a Shangan-Tsongas village that we had noticed while driving. It was very interesting.

Day 7 South africa Hoedspruit
Boat ride on the Blyde river...crocodiles, hippos, fish-eagles and nice landscapes.
In the afternoon we visited the Kapama game reserve (mainly dedicated to cheetahs) where we really enjoyed the night safari.

Day 8 South africa Hoedspruit - Piet retief
We finally left Hoedspruit to Piet retief. On our way we drove through different but wonderful landscapes. Luckily we had a very detailed map of South Africa, otherwise it would have been tricky to find our way to Piet retief as, at this time, the road signs were not really helpul :-)

Day 9 South africa Piet retief - St Lucie
Our destination: Saint Lucie is famous for its lake and its wildlife. As it was very hot we could not help having a bath in the Indian ocean...but we didn't swim too far from the beach because of the sharks!

Day 10 South africa St Lucie
We rented a small boat and sailed in this lake only 90 cm deep where big crocodiles and hippos are numerous.
In the afternoon, we rested on the sandy beaches.

Day 11 South africa St Lucie - Durban
On our way we visited several zulu villages and Hluhluwe-Umfolozi national park where we admired plenty of wild animals. Then we drove quietly to Durban.

Day 12 South africa Durban
Visit of Durban.

Day 13 South africa Durban - Cape town
Durban airport. There we took the plane to Cape town. We arrived at 12h30 p.m which enabled us to visit the city in the afternoon.
We chose to settle 6 nights in the same place. We just had to travel around to discover all the beauties of this area.
Again, a map of south Africa is more than useful to plan your stay in cape town and its area.

Day 14 South africa Cape town
We spent all day in Stellenbosch, typical dutch city, not forgetting to visit the several wine cellars.

Day 15 South africa Cape town
Cape point is just like the end of the's beautiful and wild. This time we were lucky, we saw whales in the indian ocean.

Day 16 South africa Cape town
In the morning we climbed to the famous table mountain and spent the afternoon on a beautiful beach.

Day 17 South africa Cape town
Shopping day in Cape town (our last day).

Day 18 South africa Cape town - Paris
We finally left Hoedspruit to Piet retief. On our way we drove through different but wonderful landscapes.

This trip had been prepared at home, using a map of South Africa to plan everyday's journey according to the various places we wanted to see.
Should you want to know more about this trip or the map of South Africa we used, feel free to contact us.